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by UXDivers

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Avalonia XPF

Cross-Platform WPF for Windows, macOS and Linux!

We enable WPF apps to run on macOS and Linux with a fork of WPF, which allows us to maintain both API & binary compatibility. Avalonia XPF replaces the low-level WPF code (MilCore) with Avalonia UI.

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Actipro Avalonia UI Controls

A free set of themes and UI controls for building beautiful cross-platform Avalonia UI apps, along with optional advanced Pro controls for additional functionality.

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MAUI Hybrid

Utilising MAUI Hybrid offers a powerful solution for those seeking to combine Avalonia and MAUI, the leading .NET client technologies. This innovative approach facilitates the integration of both frameworks into a single, cohesive application. By leveraging MAUI Hybrid, developers can harness the strengths of each technology, ensuring a versatile and robust software architecture.

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