Avalonia XPF

Unleash the full potential of your WPF apps.

Take your existing WPF apps and run them on macOS and Linux without expensive and risky rewrites.

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Simplify Your Cross-Platform Migration

Save time and resources with Avalonia XPF. What used to be a long-term project is now a straightforward process.

Revitalise your apps

Extend the lifecycle of your existing WPF apps by seamlessly enabling them to run on new platforms, creating opportunities for new markets without requiring expensive and risky rewrites.

Bring your dependencies

Preserve your valuable investments in controls from Telerik, Actipro, DevExpress, Infragistics, Syncfusion, and SciChart, among others.

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Begin testing your app on new platforms in just 30 seconds!

Configure NuGet

Add the private XPF NuGet feed.

Update the Project SDK

Replace Microsoft.NET.Sdk with XPF.

Add the license information

Add a new property for your XPF license.

Start Testing

Start testing your app on macOS and Linux!

JetBrains Rider with a CSProj open for editing

How It Works

WPF Compatibility

We enable WPF apps to run on macOS and Linux with our Fork of WPF, which allows us to maintain API compatibility. Avalonia XPF replaces the low-level WPF code (MilCore) with Avalonia UI.

3rd Party Controls

Avalonia XPF supports a broad range of UI controls from the most popular control vendors. Where controls aren't compatible, we provide a range of options, including substitution.

Supported Platforms

Avalonia XPF currently supports Windows, macOS and Linux (desktop and embedded). WebAssembly, iOS and Android support is coming in 2024.


Licenses are available to purchase on a per-app, per-platform basis, with no limits on distribution. We also offer bespoke license agreements for more complex scenarios.

How it works

Family.Show Demo

Discover the power of cross-platform WPF for macOS and Linux with our Family.Show demo app, based on the original WPF Family.Show demo.

Powered by Avalonia XPF, this demo showcases how effortlessly you can adapt a classic WPF application into a cross-platform app.

Try the demo app
Hybrid XPF App

The Process


Request a trial

Request a trial, providing all necessary details about your application and company.

Get a 30 day free trial

Exploratory Call

Join us for a call where we demonstrate XPF's potential, address your queries, and understand your specific needs and requirements to evaluate compatibility.


Begin Testing

You'll receive a 30 day trial of XPF Pro.

We'll work together to ensure your app functions smoothly on your target platforms.



Purchase a license to bring your cross-platform WPF application to production, enhancing it's reach and maximizing the return on your investment.

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Why limit your WPF apps to Windows? Broaden your horizons with Avalonia XPF

Developer Experience

Experience a smooth transition to Avalonia XPF, designed to provide developers with a familiar development experience with WPF. Our innovative platform ensures enterprises can harness their existing investments in WPF, making it effortless to adapt and work on projects across macOS and Linux.

Embrace the power of Avalonia XPF and enjoy a hassle-free, unified WPF development experience across platforms.

Use your favourite tools

There's no need to compromise on your choice of development environment. Harness the power of XPF to develop WPF applications across platforms using the tools you know and love.

Visual Studio enthusiasts can continue enjoying the robust feature set on their PC, bringing the convenience and performance they've come to appreciate. Alternatively, experience a first-class development experience with JetBrains Rider on Windows, macOS and Linux.

JetBrains Rider running a WPF app

3rd Party Controls

Reusing the controls you have invested in not only becomes possible but effortless. Avalonia XPF supports renowned vendors, including Telerik, Actipro, DevExpress, Infragistics, Syncfusion, and SciChart.

With Avalonia XPF, you can confidently support new platforms, knowing your vital third-party controls are compatible and maintaining the functionality and reliability your mission-critical applications demand.

Migration Analyser

Hybrid XPF

We recognise that some of our customers wish to utilise specific WPF controls within their standard Avalonia applications. To meet this need, we've introduced Hybrid XPF licenses.

We've introduced Hybrid XPF licenses for customers wanting to embed specific WPF controls into their Avalonia apps. Hybrid XPF supports 700+ WPF controls from vendors, including Actipro, Syncfusion, and Telerik.

More details on Hybrid XPF licensing is available upon request.

Hybrid XPF App


Still have unanswered questions and need to get in touch?

Avalonia XPF is based on WPF shipped with .NET 6.0 SDK. For WPF apps that are using older versions of .NET, we recommend upgrading to .NET 6 or .NET 7.

We're working hard to enable almost all of the WPF APIs. Currently, unsupported WPF features include Visual3D, Viewport3D, InkCanvas, Win32 interop, and custom Window chromes.

Yes. Libraries that don't use any Win32 APIs typically work without modification.
For libraries that use Win32 APIs, we enable a subset of Win32 APIs to work across supported platforms.

Yes. Avalonia XPF comes with both documentation and support. Our engineers will take your apps and ensure they run perfectly before we handover to your team.

Any company with less than $1 million USD in revenue a year and less than five employees is eligible for Startup pricing. There are no differences between Startup and Enterprise SDK features, but Startups are limited to 10 support requests per year. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

No. Avalonia XPF is not open-source, and its source code is not freely available.

Yes. Avalonia XPF Works with all WPF applications, regardless of the language used. We have tested applications developed with C#, VB.NET and F#.

Avalonia UI will stay free and open-source, continuing to see new features and many updates. Avalonia XPF is a premium product designed for businesses, with the revenue going towards funding the development of our OSS projects, including Avalonia UI.

No. Avalonia XPF is a commercial solution to reduce the costs and risks involved in modernising existing enterprise WPF applications. We recommend that OSS maintainers consider modernising their projects with Avalonia UI to enable wider adoption and community engagement.

Avalonia XPF is licensed per app, per platform, with a perpetual license and optional upgrades after one-year. There are no limitations to distribution.


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Pro for Startups
9,999 per app,
per platform

Perpetual license

Mix-and-match WPF and Avalonia controls

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Telerik Compatible

DevExpress Compatible

Actipro Compatible

Infragistics Compatible

Syncfusion Compatible

SciChart Compatible

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Why limit your WPF apps to Windows? Broaden your horizons with Avalonia XPF