Need help building an Avalonia application? Whether you're an enthusiast or a company making a commercial product, you have somewhere to turn.

There are a number of support options for Avalonia, including paid support and custom development via AvaloniaUI OÜ and community support via GitHub issues and our Gitter chatroom.

Avalonia support

AvaloniaUI OÜ

AvaloniaUI OÜ is a company formed in 2020 by a group of core Avalonia developers, including Steven Kirk (@grokys), Nikita Tsukanov (@kekekeks) and Dan Walmsley (@danwalmsley). Our goal is to ensure the future of Avalonia development and support commercial projects building on the Avalonia framework.

Avalonia Support

AvaloniaUI OÜ offers paid monthly and yearly support packages for companies who are developing with Avalonia. With a support package, you can be sure to get timely responses to your questions from the core team, priority bug fixes, and a hand in deciding future feature development.

Email us at for more information.


AvaloniaUI OÜ also offers consulting and custom development to companies who want to take advantage of our expertise.

Email us at for more information.

Community Support

Drop into our gitter chat room to to talk about Avalonia and get help from the community and core developers.

Or if you have a problem, open an issue on our GitHub Repository.