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Avalonia is an open source framework for building beautiful, cross-platform applications from a single .NET codebase.

A decade in the making, Avalonia is a mature and stable platform for building desktop, embedded, mobile, and web applications.

Build rich desktop experiences.

The spiritual successor to WPF, Avalonia provides a familiar developer experience , allowing you to create rich, highly performant desktop applications for Windows, macOS and Linux, all from a single codebase.

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Develop for embedded.

With both FBDev and DRM support, you can deliver high-quality user experiences on an array of embedded devices running barebone Linux. Perfect for deploying your apps to low-powered devices.

Weather app by UXDivers HMI device frame.

Deploy to the browser.

Unleash the power of the web. Deploy your Avalonia application directly to any browser, reaching millions with zero code changes.

Avalonia solitaire sample app in a web browser.
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iPhone App iPhone Frame

Create beautiful mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Create pixel-perfect mobile apps, ensuring flawless visuals and seamless performance across iOS and Android.

Bring your favourite tools.

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Visual Studio. The Avalonia Extension for Visual Studio 2022 provides XAML IntelliSense and a built-in XAML previewer, making developing cross-platform apps in Visual Studio a breeze.

JetBrains Rider. As users of Avalonia, JetBrains products natively understand Avalonia XAML, offering code completion and advanced refactoring support. Combined with the Avalonia Previewer extension, Rider is a powerhouse for cross-platform developers.

Screenshots of Visual Studio over JetBrains Rider, showing Avalonia projects.

Choose C#, F# or XAML for your UI.

Craft stunning UIs for your applications using our modern flavour of XAML; alternatively, build your UIs entirely with C# or F#.

CSharp Markup XAML FuncUI

Cross-Platform WPF for macOS & Linux.

WPF Compatible.Take your WPF applications to new platforms effortlessly with Avalonia. With minimal to no changes, you can achieve cross-platform functionality in minutes, not months, expanding your reach with ease.

Components. Bring your favourite WPF pro controls to macOS and Linux with support for renowned vendors, including Telerik, Actipro, DevExpress, Infragistics, Syncfusion, and SciChart

Various WPF apps running on macOS and Linux using Avalonia XPF
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"Avalonia has a very strong community, offers pixel-perfect rendering on a multitude of platforms, is easy to customize, and frankly is a joy to work with.”

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“We greatly appreciate the quick and helpful support we have had from the Avalonia UI developers who have addressed our questions.”

A growing community.

Avalonia's popularity is soaring, and with it, our community is flourishing. Join us and become part of a dynamic, supportive network of developers.







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