Our .NET Conf Session is Now Available on YouTube

Avalonia's session from .NET Conf is now available on YouTube, covering Avalonia's basics, the state of its ecosystem, Actipro controls, a Linux demo by UXDivers, integration with MAUI Hybrid, and Avalonia XPF.

Mike James

We recently appeared at the .NET Conf, showcasing Avalonia's rich capabilities and vibrant ecosystem. We are delighted to announce that the full session is now available on YouTube, providing a comprehensive overview of Avalonia's current state! 

Exploring the Fundamentals of Avalonia

The session begins with a concise introduction to Avalonia. For newcomers and seasoned developers alike, this segment is crucial for understanding the framework's core philosophy and functionalities. Avalonia stands out in the realm of cross-platform frameworks, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for developers aiming to deploy applications across multiple operating systems.

The Evolving Avalonia Ecosystem

The session then moves on to cover the current state of the Avalonia ecosystem. This section highlights the continuous growth and the diverse range of 3rd parties developing for Avalonia. The ecosystem's expansion is a testament to the framework's adaptability and the enthusiastic community that supports and contributes to its evolution.

Actipro Controls and Their Stunning Avalonia Theme

The session includes the showcase of Actipro controls with their new, visually stunning Avalonia theme. This demonstration exemplifies how Avalonia supports high-quality, aesthetically pleasing user interfaces essential for modern software applications.

Embedded Linux Demo by UXDivers

A highlight of the session is a remarkable embedded Linux demo created by UXDivers, demonstrating Avalonia's capabilities in creating sophisticated and responsive user interfaces for embedded systems. If you're interested in getting the code, then make sure to register!

Integration with MAUI Hybrid

MAUI Hybrid is an exciting development, enabling Avalonia to integrate with .NET MAUI. Developers can mix and match elements from both frameworks into a single application. This hybrid approach provides unprecedented flexibility, enabling the creation of rich, cross-platform applications that leverage the strengths of both Avalonia and MAUI.

Avalonia XPF – The Cross-Platform WPF

Finally, the session introduces Avalonia XPF, the framework's answer to a cross-platform WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). This development is particularly intriguing for developers familiar with WPF, as it opens the door to creating cross-platform applications while leveraging existing WPF skills and codebases.

Accessing the Session

The complete session is available on YouTube, accessible via this link: Avalonia's .NET Conf Presentation on YouTube

Additionally, to further assist our audience, we have compiled a list of useful links and resources discussed during the presentation, which can be found here: Avalonia's .NET Conf Resources.