XPF - Trial

We are thrilled you're interested in participating in the trial. Your collaboration will significantly assist us in refining and enhancing Avalonia XPF.

Useful Information

Company Information

Please provide details about your company to help us understand your needs and context better.

Application Description

Please briefly describe your application - its purpose, main features, user base, etc. This will allow us to better understand your product.

3rd Party Controls

Let us know if you are utilising any 3rd party controls in your application. Avalonia XPF is compatible with many controls from popular control vendors, including Telerik, Actipro, DevExpress, Infragistics, Syncfusion and SciChart, but we need this information to assess possible compatibility issues.

Current .NET Version

Please provide the version of .NET your application is currently using. For optimal compatibility, we require applications to be running on either .NET 6 or .NET 7.

Additional Technical Specifications

We would also appreciate it if you could share any additional details about your application that may influence its compatibility. This could include but is not limited to using DirectX, WebViews, Win32 APIs or 3rd party libraries. The more details we have, the better we can assess the suitability of Avalonia XPF for your project and anticipate any potential challenges.

Please fill in all the fields to request a trial.