Kickstart the New Year with a Special Offer: 10% Discount on All Support Tiers

In January, Avalonia is offering a 10% discount on all support tiers, reinforcing its commitment to the community. This blog post highlights the significance of supporting Avalonia, especially for businesses that rely on it, emphasizing the strategic value of investing in Avalonia’s development for the stability and growth of their products.

Mike James

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive offer for our community in the spirit of the January sales that many of us eagerly anticipate. For the entire month of January, we are offering a 10% discount across all our support tiers. This gesture expresses gratitude and extends the festive cheer to our valuable users and supporters.

Our support plans, detailed at Avalonia Support Plans, are tailored to meet the varying needs of our diverse user base. Whether you are an indie developer, small startup or a large enterprise, our tiers provide the right level of support, ensuring that your team can continue to innovate and grow using Avalonia.

This January discount is a unique opportunity for Avalonia users to step up their support for Avalonia while benefiting from reduced costs. It is an ideal time for those relying on Avalonia for product development to obtain premium support. With this discount, the value you get from our support plans increases, making it an opportune moment to reinforce your commitment to quality software development.

In addition, we are extending an even more significant offer to our dedicated supporters. For those who have sponsored the project on GitHub with a monthly contribution for at least the last year, we are offering up to 25% off on our support plans. This is our way of acknowledging and rewarding the unwavering support and trust these sponsors have shown in Avalonia. Your contributions have been instrumental in the success of Avalonia.

Visit our support page today to learn more about the different tiers. Together, let's make 2024 a year of remarkable achievements and innovations with Avalonia.