WPF for Linux: A New Reality with Avalonia XPF

Discover WPF for Linux!

Mike James

In recent years, Microsoft has largely shifted its focus from WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to prioritise web technologies, likely to bolster Azure adoption. Meanwhile, Windows Embedded languishes in a state of ambiguity. As a result, Linux has emerged as the preferred operating system for many embedded applications. For businesses reliant on WPF applications that run on Windows Embedded, the choices for remaining competitive are limited: embark on a costly and time-consuming rewrite or look to innovative solutions like Avalonia XPF.

WPF on Linux: The New Frontier

Linux has been the de facto choice for embedded systems for years. However, businesses invested in WPF have found themselves unable to transition their software to Linux—that is, until Avalonia XPF. Not just a mere compatibility layer, Avalonia XPF is a fork of WPF, with the low-level WPF internals replaced by our open-source Avalonia UI framework. 

Our forking of WPF is more than skin-deep. We've maintained API compatibility and taken it further, keeping Avalonia XPF binary compatible with WPF. This means all your third-party dependencies will continue to work seamlessly without any modification! We've had customers successfully integrate controls from industry giants like Telerik, Syncfusion, and Actipro while transitioning their WPF apps to Linux. The result is a straightforward pathway for businesses in to bring their existing WPF applications into the Linux ecosystem without compromise.

Risk and Cost: Dramatically Reduced

The Avalonia XPF toolkit mitigates the inherent risks and costs of moving to new platforms. Instead of channelling resources into time-consuming and expensive porting activities, you can focus on what really matters: advancing your application.

The WPF for Linux Era is Here

It's not just about keeping pace with the market; it's about setting the pace. And that's exactly what you can do with Avalonia XPF. WPF for Linux is no longer a mere aspiration; it's a proven, dependable reality that you can implement today.

Don't let old limitations dictate your future. Embrace the world of opportunities that WPF for Linux brings. Avalonia XPF is your gateway. If you'd like to begin this journey, get in touch, and we'll start you on a 30-day trial, enabling you to experience the magic yourself.