First Release Candidate of Avalonia UI v11 Now Available!

Avalonia v11 Release Candidate.

Steven Kirk

Hello Avalonia UI Community,

We're excited to announce that the first Release Candidate (RC) of Avalonia UI v11 is now available for you to try out!

This RC marks a significant milestone for us as it stabilises the API. It's been a journey of intense work, learning, and collaboration. And now, we can confidently say that we're closer than ever to the final release of v11

Now is the perfect time for you and your teams to test drive v11. As we progress, the only changes we're looking at are bug fixes. We believe this makes the RC a safe and exciting option to explore, especially if you're considering the upcoming production releases.

With a keen focus on maintainability, Avalonia UI v11 carries the most substantial changes in our API to date, setting the project up for a thriving future. We've poured considerable thought, time, and resources to ensure these changes pave the way for a more robust and reliable Avalonia UI. While this release represents our most substantial set of breaking changes, we expect future major releases will see significantly fewer breaking API changes.

As part of these breaking API changes, some previously public classes are now marked as 'Internal'. This change has been done to safeguard the integrity of applications by allowing us to modify implementations without introducing future breaking changes. While we've taken every measure to ensure a smooth transition, we acknowledge that you might encounter scenarios where a critical class is no longer visible. If you encounter such instances, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We're open to a dialogue about changing certain classes back to public visibility based on your valuable feedback.

We encourage everyone to try out the RC, provide your feedback, and help us make Avalonia UI v11 the best. We sincerely thank all our users, contributors, and the entire Avalonia community for your ongoing support.

Head over to Nuget to get started. Let's build the future of cross-platform .NET UI technology together!

Happy coding!