Avalonia for Visual Studio Code (Early Access)

Announcing Avalonia Extension for Visual Studio Code.

Mike James

Two weeks ago we showed a sneak peak of Avalonia for Visual Studio Code. The extension will significantly enhance the Avalonia development experience in Visual Studio Code. It features our XAML code completion and integrated XAML previewer, making it easier than ever to build beautiful Avalonia apps.

Today, we are excited to invite you, the sponsors and the members of OpenCollective to try the (extremely) early build of the extension!

Please sign up for the early access here, we will start sending out instructions starting tomorrow, 27 July

What’s in the extension?

The extension aims to bring the most common workflows for Avalonia developers. However, the preview will enable the two most common scenarios to kick off the support for VSCode

Integrated XAML Previewer

The Avalonia XAML Previewer is a powerful tool that allows you to visualise XAML code in real-time. It enables you to efficiently design and fine-tune user interfaces, helping to identify potential issues and visualise the impact of changes instantly.


XAML Code completion

The Avalonia XAML in the VS Code is powered by the same code completion engine available for Visual Studio on Windows.


Rich syntax highlighter and contextual code complete will make it lot easier to read and write XAML files


Please share your suggestions, feature requests and report issues for the extension through VS Code’s Help > Report Issue dialog


You can follow all the suggestions and issues the extension here.