A Spotlight on Avalonia Applications

Showcasing the versatility of Avalonia across industries like design, gaming, and document management. Avalonia is pivotal in enabling diverse, high-performance applications to run across platforms, demonstrating the framework's adaptability and power.

Steven Kirk

Avalonia, a versatile and powerful cross-platform UI framework, has been instrumental in the development of a wide range of applications across various industries, including medical, transport, and entertainment. This post aims to highlight some of our favourite applications, showcasing the diversity and capability of Avalonia in creating exceptional software solutions.


Lunacy is a testament to the flexibility of Avalonia. Initially a WPF application, it was ported to Avalonia by the Icons8 team as a free vector drawing application compatible with Sketch and Figma projects; Lunacy supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It stands out for its intuitive interface and robust functionality, catering to designers and artists who require a versatile tool for their creative endeavours.


Artemis elevates RGB accessory configuration to the next level! Described as a tool for adding configurable support to various gaming peripherals, Artemis boasts a plugin architecture, allowing for extensive customisation and enhancement. Its adaptability and user-focused design illustrate the capabilities of Avalonia in crafting engaging and dynamic user interfaces. It supports Windows, macOS and Linux. 

Unity Plastic SCM

Unity Plastic SCM demonstrates Avalonia's prowess in supporting complex applications. This robust version control system, specifically tailored for game developers, initially used Xamarin.Mac and WPF. Its transition to Avalonia enabled a more unified development experience, speeding up releases and allowing the development team to focus on new features rather than reinventing the wheel for each supported platform. Plastic SCM exemplifies Avalonia's suitability for complex and specialised software solutions.


EMU by Enttec is a revolutionary lighting control software that showcases Avalonia's adaptability in specialised domains. As a tool for controlling lights using the DMX512 protocol, EMU provides a user-friendly and efficient platform for lighting professionals. Its use of Avalonia highlights the framework's capacity to support high-performance, real-time control systems with aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

Readiris PDF 23

Readiris PDF 23 is a state-of-the-art PDF management software that underscores Avalonia's versatility. With advanced OCR technology and a comprehensive suite of PDF management tools, it offers a seamless experience across multiple platforms. Like many other apps, it started as a WPF app but was ported to Avalonia to enable support of new platforms. 

Wrapping up

Each of these applications demonstrates the vast potential of Avalonia. From graphic design to lighting control and document management, Avalonia stands as a cornerstone in the development of cutting-edge software solutions! 

If you're thinking about adopting Avalonia for your next app, then make sure to check out our documentation. If you've already got a WPF app that you want to take cross-platform, you might find Avalonia XPF extremely useful.