Avalonia XPF

Unleash the full potential of your existing WPF apps with our cross-platform UI framework, enabling WPF apps to run on macOS and Linux without requiring expensive and risky rewrites.

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How It Works

WPF Compatibility

We enable WPF apps to run on macOS and Linux with our Fork of WPF, which allows us to maintain API compatibility. Avalonia XPF replaces the low-level WPF code (MilCore) with Avalonia UI.

3rd Party Controls

Avalonia XPF supports a broad range of UI controls from the most popular control vendors. Where controls aren't compatible, we provide a range of options, including substitution.

Supported Platforms

Avalonia XPF currently supports Windows, macOS and Linux (desktop and embedded). WebAssembly, iOS and Android support is coming in 2024.


Licenses are available to purchase on a per-app, per-platform basis, with no limits on distribution. We also offer bespoke license agreements for more complex scenarios.


Any questions?

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Avalonia XPF is based on WPF shipped with .NET 6.0 SDK. For WPF apps that are using older versions of .NET, we recommend upgrading to .NET 6 or .NET 7.

Yes. Libraries that don't use any Win32 APIs should work without modification. For libraries that do use Win32 APIs, we are developing a solution to enable a subset of Win32 APIs to work across supported platforms.

Yes. Avalonia XPF comes with both documentation and support. Our engineers will take your apps and ensure they run perfectly before we handover to your team.

No. Avalonia XPF is not open-source, and its source code is not freely available.

Yes. Avalonia XPF Works with all WPF applications, regardless of the language used. We have tested applications developed with C#, VB.NET and F#.

Avalonia UI will stay free and open-source, continuing to see new features and many updates. Avalonia XPF is a premium product designed for businesses, with the revenue going towards funding the development of our OSS projects, including Avalonia UI.

Avalonia XPF is a commercial solution to reduce the costs and risks involved in modernising existing enterprise WPF applications. We recommend that OSS maintainers consider modernising their projects with Avalonia UI to enable wider adoption and community engagement.

Avalonia XPF is licensed per app, per platform, with a perpetual license and optional upgrades after one-year. There are no limitations to distribution.