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Avalonia uses a XAML dialect that should feel immediately familiar to anyone coming from WPF, UWP and Xamarin Forms.

Avalonia supports binding, MVVM, lookless controls and data templates just as you’d expect from a XAML framework.

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We support Windows, Linux and OSX with experimental mobile support for Android and full-fledged support for iOS soon.

We use Skia for rendering in Windows via Win32, Linux via Xorg and MacOS with Cocoa.

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Avalonia is developed by a global community of enthusiasts in our GitHub repository and in our gitter channel.

Everything is done in the open and we’re always looking for new contributors. Drop by and say hi!

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Getting started

See our quickstart guide for information on how to get started with Avalonia using Visual Studio and .NET core.

More IDEs and editors coming soon.

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Getting support

Need help building an Avalonia application? Whether you're an enthusiast or a company making a commercial product, you have somewhere to turn.

There are a number of support options for Avalonia, including paid support and custom development via AvaloniaUI OÜ and community support via GitHub issues and our Gitter chatroom.

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.NET Foundation

Avalonia is a .NET Foundation project. Other projects that are associated with the foundation include the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") as well as the ASP.NET family of projects, .NET Core & Xamarin Forms.

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