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Open Source

Avalonia is open source, free to use and always will be. Clone the source today to dig deeper.

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Visual Studio Extension

The free VS extension provides everything needed to start, including a XAML previewer.

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JetBrains Rider & R#

JetBrains deep understanding of Avalonia shines through with rich Rider and R# support.

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Cross Platform

Deploy to the platforms you care about with ease.

* Mobile support is in public preview.

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Reuse Existing Skills

Leverage existing knowledge, code and packages to kickstart your project.

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Commercial Support

Get the support your project needs with one of our commercial support agreements. Help you can count on.

Bring your favourite tools

Visual Studio. If you love to develop in Visual Studio, then you’re in luck! The Avalonia Extension provides XAML IntelliSense and a XAML built-in previewer

JetBrains Rider & R#. Offering the deepest understanding of Avalonia, and extensive integration with their tools, JetBrains delivers huge productivity gains for Avalonia developers.

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A proven path for WPF app modernization

Familiar. Considered a spiritual successor to WPF, Avalonia provides a familiar developer experience allowing you to leverage years of pre-existing knowledge and investments.

Proven. Trusted by JetBrains as the best framework for modernising their WPF based tools, used by >170,000 companies, including 431 on the Fortune 500 list.

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Join a growing community

We’ve seen enormous growth in our developer community as Avalonia has grown in popularity. Join us and be welcomed into our supportive and vibrant community.


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