A cross platform XAML Framework for .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono


Avalonia uses a XAML dialect that should feel immediately familiar to anyone coming from WPF, UWP and Xamarin Forms.

Avalonia supports binding, MVVM, lookless controls and data templates just as you'd expect from a XAML framework.

Cross Platform

We support Windows, Linux and OSX with experimental mobile support for Android and iOS.

We currently have Win32, GTK3 and MonoMac windowing backends plus Direct2D and Skia renderers.

Open Source

Avalonia is developed by a global community of enthusiasts in our GitHub repository and in our gitter channel. Everything is done in the open and we're always looking for new contributors.

Drop by and say hi!

Getting Started

See our quickstart guide for information on how to get started with Avalonia using Visual Studio 2017 and .NET core.

More IDEs and editors coming soon.

Current Status

We're currently in a beta phase, which means that the framework is generally usable for writing applications, but there may be some bugs and breaking changes as we continue development.