Avalonia UI Framework

Cross platform .NET UI Framework with bindings and XAML

Current status

We're pleased to announce that Avalonia is now in alpha!

What does alpha mean? Well, it means that it's now at a stage where you can have a play and hopefully create simple applications. There's now a Visual Studio Extension containing project and item templates that will help you get started, and there's an initial complement of controls. There's still a lot missing, and you will find bugs, and the API will change, but this represents the first time where we've made it somewhat easy to have a play and experiment with the framework.

How do I try it out

The easiest way to try out Avalonia is to install the Visual Studio Extension.

This will add a Avalonia project template and a Window template to the standard Visual Studo "Add" dialog (yes, icons still to come :) ):

Creating a Avalonia Project will give you a simple project with a single XAML window. We even have a simple designer:

You can also find the project on GitHub


You can read news about Avalonia on Groky's blog

Cross Platform

Fow now we can run on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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