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Avalonia 0.10.0 Release

Steven Kirk

We are pleased to announce that Avalonia 0.10.0 has been released.

0.10 is a huge update, it has been extensively tested and brings some great new features and improvements.

Fluent Theme

The most noticable change for Avalonia 0.10 is a beautiful new Fluent theme. Now your Avalonia applications will look better than ever:

Xaml Control Gallery Xaml Control Gallery Xaml Control Gallery

The fluent theme is available in light and dark modes, and will be used by the 0.10 templates by default. It can be enabled in existing applications by including the following in your App.axaml:

  <FluentTheme Mode="Light"/>

Where Mode can be Light or Dark.

New Controls

Along with the fluent theme, several new controls have been added:


The DatePicker and TimePicker controls give you a standardized way to let users pick a localized date or time value value using touch, mouse, or keyboard input.

<DatePicker Header="Date of birth"/>

Xaml Control Gallery


ToggleSwitch is a control that can be toggled between 2 states.

<ToggleSwitch OffContent="Power Off" OnContent="Power On"/>

Xaml Control Gallery


The Label control allows a text label with a shortcut key to be assocated with a control such as a TextBox such that pressing Alt plus the shortcut key will focus the associated control:

  <!-- Pressing Alt+N will focus nameTextBox -->
  <Label Target="nameTextBox">_Name</Label>
  <TextBox Name="nameTextBox">

The shortcut key is designated by prepending an underscore to the desired character in the Label content, N in this example.

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Compiled Bindings

Avalonia 0.10 includes experimental support for compiled bindings. When using compiled bindings, binding paths are verified at compile time and do not use reflection at runtime.

To enable compiled bindings, add an x:DataType attribute to your root control and use the {CompiledBinding} markup extension or set x:CompileBindings="True".

<Window xmlns="https://github.com/avaloniaui"
  <!-- The existence of the MyValue property will be checked at compile-time -->
  <TextBox Text="{CompiledBinding MyValue}"/>


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Unicode Support

Avalonia's TextBlock now correctly supports unicode characters.

Unicode Support

Full Unicode support for TextBox will be incoming in the near future.

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Box Shadows

Box shadows can now be applied to Border controls:

<Border BoxShadow="4 4 4 gray"
  <TextBlock>Box Shadow</TextBlock>

Box Shadows


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DevTools Improvements

DevTools has been completely revamped for the 0.10 release.


The new features include:


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Typed Property Change Notifications

The OnPropertyChanged method and AvaloniaProperty<T>.Changed observable APIs have been changed to use a typed AvaloniaPropertyChangedEventArgs<T> class to prevent boxing. Note that this is a breaking change.

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Selection on SelectingItemsControl-derived controls such as ListBox and ComboBox now implement their selection tracking via a SelectionModel which gives the following improvements:


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Breaking Changes

See our wiki for a list of breaking changes in this release.

Getting started

Follow instructions here.

Support and Contributing

The best way to support Avalonia is to get involved, implement a feature, fix a bug or help test. See contributing for information on how to get started.

For commercial users, AvaloniaUI OÜ provides support packages and custom development services. Contact us at team@avaloniaui.net for more information.

Otherwise you can sponsor Avalonia financially via OpenCollective.

We hope you enjoy developing with Avalonia - please let us know what you are building!