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Effortlessly build beautiful apps for every platform.

Avalonia UI is an open source UI framework for building stunning, desktop, mobile, web and embedded applications using a .NET single codebase.

Bring your favourite tools.

Visual Studio. If you love to develop in Visual Studio, then you’re in luck! The Avalonia Extension provides XAML IntelliSense and a built-in XAML previewer.

Visual Studio Code. Use VSCode to build your apps on Windows, macOS and Linux! Our extension offers XAML completion and a built-in XAML previewer.

JetBrains Rider & ReSharper. Offering the deepest understanding of Avalonia UI, and extensive integration with their tools, JetBrains delivers huge productivity gains for Avalonia UI developers.

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A proven path for WPF app modernization.

Familiar. Considered a spiritual successor to WPF, Avalonia UI provides a familiar developer experience allowing you to leverage years of pre-existing knowledge and investments. With a Hybrid XPF license, it's possible to use WPF controls within your Avalonia application from vendors, including Actipro, Telerik, Syncfusion and more.

Proven. Trusted by companies including JetBrains, KLM, Canon, Schneider Electric, Unity Games and more for modernising their WPF apps.

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We’ve seen enormous growth in our developer community as Avalonia UI has grown in popularity. Join us and be welcomed into our supportive and vibrant community.




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