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The ToolTip is a control that pops up with hint text when hovered over the appropriate control.

Common Properties

Property Description
Tip Gets or sets the tooltip contents.
Placement Gets or sets the placement for the tooltip. Default value is Pointer.
HorizontalOffset Gets or sets the tooltip horizontal offset.
VerticalOffset Gets or sets the tooltip vertical offset. Default value is 20.
ShowDelay Gets or sets the delay for the tooltip to appear. Default value is 400.
IsOpen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the tooltip is currently showing.

Source code



Text ToolTip

<Border Margin="5"
        Background="{DynamicResource ThemeAccentBrush}"
        ToolTip.Tip="This is a ToolTip">
    <TextBlock>Hover Here</TextBlock>

Rich Tooltip

<Border Margin="5"
        Background="{DynamicResource ThemeAccentBrush}"
            <TextBlock Classes="h1">ToolTip</TextBlock>
            <TextBlock Classes="h2">A control which pops up a hint when a control is hovered</TextBlock>
    <TextBlock>Hover Here for a Bottom ToolTip</TextBlock>