The Button control is a ContentControl which reacts to pointer presses.

A button notifies clicks by raising the Click event. A click is distinct from a PointerDown event in that it is raised by default when the button is pressed and then released (although this behavior can be changed by setting the ClickMode property).

Alternatively an instance of ICommand can be assigned or bound to the button's Command property. This command will be executed when the button is clicked. For more information see binding to commands.

Common Properties

Property Description
ClickMode Describes how the button should react to clicks
Command A command to be invoked when the button is clicked
CommandParameter A parameter to be passed to Command
Content The content to display in the button
IsDefault When set, pressing the enter key clicks the button even if not focused
IsPressed Set when the button is depressed


Pseudoclass Description
:pressed Set when the button is depressed