Avalonia.Styling Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
Selector A selector in a Style.
SelectorMatch Holds the result of a Selector match.
Selectors Extension methods for Selector.
Setter A setter for a Style.
Style Defines a style.
Styles A style that consists of a number of child styles.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
SelectorMatchResult Describes how a SelectorMatch matches a control and its type.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IGlobalStyles Defines the style host that provides styles global to the application.
IRequiresTemplateInSetter This is an interface for advanced scenarios to assist users in correct style development. You as a user will not need to use this interface directly.
ISetStyleParent Defines an interface through which a Style's parent can be set.
ISetter Represents a setter for a Style.
IStyle Defines the interface for styles.
IStyleable Interface for styleable elements.
IStyleHost Defines an element that has a Styles collection.
IStyleRoot Denotes the root IStyleHost in a tree.