Avalonia.Skia Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DrawingContextImpl Skia based drawing context.
FormattedTextImpl Skia formatted text implementation.
FramebufferRenderTarget Skia render target that renders to a framebuffer surface. No gpu acceleration available.
GeometryImpl A Skia implementation of IGeometryImpl.
ImmutableBitmap Immutable Skia bitmap.
PlatformRenderInterface Skia platform render interface.
SkiaPlatform Skia platform initializer.
StreamGeometryImpl A Skia implementation of a IStreamGeometryImpl.
SurfaceRenderTarget Skia render target that writes to a surface.
TransformedGeometryImpl A Skia implementation of a ITransformedGeometryImpl.
WriteableBitmapImpl Skia based writeable bitmap.


Namespace Summary