Avalonia.Rendering Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DefaultRenderTimer Defines a default render timer that uses a standard timer.
DeferredRenderer A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree to an intermediate scene graph representation which is then rendered on a rendering thread.
ImmediateRenderer A renderer which renders the state of the visual tree without an intermediate scene graph representation.
RenderLoop The application render loop.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ICustomSimpleHitTest An interface to allow non-templated controls to customize their hit-testing when using a renderer with a simple hit-testing algorithm without a scene graph, such as ImmediateRenderer
IRenderer Defines the interface for a renderer.
IRendererFactory Defines the interface for a renderer factory.
IRenderLoop The application render loop.
IRenderRoot Represents the root of a renderable tree.
IRenderTimer Defines the interface implemented by an application render timer.
IVisualBrushInitialize Internal interface for initializing controls that are to be used as the visual in a VisualBrush.
IVisualBrushRenderer Defines a renderer used to render a visual brush to a bitmap.