DrawingContext Class

  • IDisposable
Base Types
  • object
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public sealed class DrawingContext : IDisposable



Name Value Summary
CurrentContainerTransform Matrix
CurrentTransform Matrix
Gets the current transform of the drawing context.
PlatformImpl IDrawingContextImpl


Name Value Summary
Dispose() void
Disposes of any resources held by the DrawingContext.
DrawGeometry(IBrush, Pen, Geometry) void
Draws a geometry.
DrawImage(IBitmap, double, Rect, Rect, BitmapInterpolationMode) void
Draws a bitmap image.
DrawLine(Pen, Point, Point) void
Draws a line.
DrawRectangle(Pen, Rect, float) void
Draws the outline of a rectangle.
DrawText(IBrush, Point, FormattedText) void
Draws text.
FillRectangle(IBrush, Rect, float) void
Draws a filled rectangle.
PushClip(Rect) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a clip rectangle.
PushGeometryClip(Geometry) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a clip geometry.
PushOpacity(double) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes an opacity value.
PushOpacityMask(IBrush, Rect) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes an opacity mask.
PushPostTransform(Matrix) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a matrix post-transformation.
PushPreTransform(Matrix) DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a matrix pre-transformation.
PushTransformContainer() DrawingContext.PushedState
Pushes a new transform context.