Avalonia.Data Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IBinding Holds a binding that can be applied to a property on an object.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
BindingErrorType Defines the types of binding errors for a BindingNotification.
BindingMode Defines possible binding modes.
BindingPriority The priority of a binding.

Class Types

Class Summary
AssignBindingAttribute Signifies that a binding can be assigned to a property.
BindingChainException An exception returned through BindingNotification signalling that a requested binding expression could not be evaluated because of a null in one of the links of the binding chain.
BindingNotification Represents a binding notification that can be a valid binding value, or a binding or data validation error.
IndexerDescriptor Holds a description of a binding for AvaloniaObject's [] operator.
InstancedBinding Holds the result of calling Initiate(IAvaloniaObject, AvaloniaProperty, object, bool).