Avalonia.Animation Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
Animatable Base class for all animatable objects.
Animation Tracks the progress of an animation.
Animator<T> Base class for KeyFrames objects
AnimatorKeyFrame Defines a KeyFrame that is used for Animator<T> objects.
CrossFade Defines a cross-fade animation between two IVisuals.
DoubleAnimator Animator that handles double properties.
DoubleTransition Transition class that handles AvaloniaProperty with double types.
FloatTransition Transition class that handles AvaloniaProperty with System.Single types.
IntegerTransition Transition class that handles AvaloniaProperty with int types.
KeyFrame Stores data regarding a specific key point and value in an animation.
PageSlide Transitions between two pages by sliding them horizontally.
PointTransition Transition class that handles AvaloniaProperty with Point type.
ThicknessTransition Transition class that handles AvaloniaProperty with Thickness type.
TransformAnimator Animator that handles Transform properties.
Transition<T> Defines how a property should be animated using a transition.
Transitions A collection of ITransition definitions.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
PlaybackDirection Determines the playback direction of an animation.
PlayState Determines the playback state of an animation.
RepeatType Defines the valid modes for a RepeatCount.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
Cue Determines the time index for a KeyFrame.
KeyFramePair<T> Represents a pair of keyframe, usually the Start and End keyframes of a Animator<T> object.
RepeatCount Determines the number of iterations of an animation. Also defines its repeat behavior.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAnimation Interface for Animation objects
IAnimator Interface for Animator objects
IPageTransition Interface for animations that transition between two pages.
ITransition Interface for Transition objects.


Namespace Summary